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Training workshops for PYRAPREG Copy

As part of the clinical trial preparations, the clinical teams of the five different trial sites were trained in essential aspects of the study. During 10-18 February 2020 a training organized, within the WP4, by the Academic Medical Center (AMC) took place at the facilities of Centro de Investigação em Saúde de Manhiça (CISM) in Manhica, Mozambique. Ten medical doctors and nurses from all trial sites and other EDCTP projects were trained in examining neonates and recognizing congenital malformations, perform and read Electrocardiograms (ECG) and measuring gestational age through ultrasound examinations. In addition to this, the training provided further capacity building by giving the trainees a course in emergency triage and emergency care for neonates and small children, and recognizing major developmental problems in utero through ultrasound. The trainings were conducted by Dr Tessa de Baat (neonatologist, Free University Medical Center, The Netherlands), Dr Job Calis (intensivist and pediatrician, AMC, The Netherlands), Dr Nouhoum Ouologuem (cardiologist, Hospital of Bamako, Mali), and Prof. Stephen Rulisa (gynecologist, University Medical Center, Rwanda). All trainees passed their written and practical examinations and are now well trained to perform the essential examinations for the trail. They will further train their core study staff at their home institutions.